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Business growth
without guesswork
Smarter stakeholder communication
Easy ownership and equity management
Automatic archiving of business critical documents
Business growth without guesswork
Briefcase is a SaaS service for companies and their owners, investors, management, financing partners, and other stakeholders. We automate, guide, and facilitate companies to ensure they are governed correctly in accordance with globally recognized principles for corporate governance.  

In short, Briefcase provides peace of mind in an ever-increasing mountain of rules and obligations.

One Place. Not all over the place.

  • Secure stakeholder communication
    Get approvals, inform and update stakeholders from one location. See audit trail from mission critical communication.
  • Manage ownership
    Dynamic shareholder overview and registry updated automatically based on activities. Integrated cap table, shareholder register and overview gives you control over all-things-equity.  
  • Business critical materials in one place
    Briefcase centralises all business critical documents and files automatically with audit trail, giving you peace of mind.
SECURE CommuniCation

Supercharge your stakeholder communication.  

Managing stakeholder communication requires much more than just emails. We have made it easy to handle and Briefcase automatically creates an audit trail and documentation for processes having been done by the book.

Create reports, updates, request approvals and confirmations and display documentation for your activities.


Much more than a Cap table.

Cap table calculations often require complex arithmetic, which must be accurate. Briefcase lets you easily add shareholders and will take care of the complex calculations automatically.  

Moreover all Cap table changes will the process required for to finalize the equity activity, such as extraordinary general assembly. Your share registry, ownership overview and cap table will automatically update based on your activity.


Business critical activities in one place

Your contracts, registres, overviews, critical documents and files finally have a secure home.

If something is critical to your company, it belongs on Briefcase. Communication, company change filing, ownership and documentation for process and activities all in one place.

Handle business requirements with ease.

Our team of legal experts help startups and scaleups handle the requirements for business growth. Get in touch to learn how we can help you today.

30,000ft company view

Briefcase is organised in categories to make navigation easy.

Lawyer powered

Professional legal service provided by Highbridge Law.

Talk to humans

Have a question or need advice? We are only a click away.

Secure digital signature.

Sign processes, activities and documents directly on Briefcase.

Data integrity

Your data is your data. You have full control and can export data anytime.

Encrypted and anonymised

Upgrade security for your business and centralise important materials.

All in one business critical platform.

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